piątek, 19 listopada 2010

So nice.

Title of this blog hasn't enything in common with me. I just watched movie. Do you surmise what is title of this film?
I'm Kasia anf I'm from Poland. I write this blog in english just for fun. It's Friday evening, there is nothing to do, all friends are caught up, so I reslowe to do it. I learn english from eight years, but I control a werbs in web-dictionary all time.
I'm not sure for it.
I'm seventeen.
I'm bored.
I wanna go out.
I wanna go to a concert of LeRt on tomorrow evening. It's new rock band. My friend, Kuba knows them and I planed to go with him, but he can't go. Daria dont know this band, but her parents don't let her go. Adu cant to.

Has anybody seen Pulp Fiction?